Does rap music make you violent?

Following the riots of 2011, Historian David Starkey and Rapper Plan B suggested that rap music promoted gang culture and violence Rafaela Kuznec writes

Music, and more specifically, rap music has been at the forefront of debate regarding influences on gang culture for decades, according to many news outlets and sources. This debate has intensified in recent years due to the ever increasing prominence of rap music in culture.

East London rapper Mini Sparks, and rap music fans Adam Shakespeare and Rob Lynch talk about the influence rap music has on its audience. They’ll be explaining how rap music has been an influence on them as individuals and how it has inspired them to become a rapper and become rap music fans respectively.

Professor Hillegonda Rietveld, the course director of Music and Sonic Media at London South Bank University, will explore the social and cultural relevance of rap music and question whether rap music gets unfairly attributed blame within the wider musical landscape.

Has rap music influenced gang culture? While some have given evidence to prove the theory that it does, it seems that rap music can not solely be attributed blame when it comes to the behaviour of young people, as there are other significant social and cultural factors to take into account.

Produced by The Unity Productions: Rafaela Kuznec (Producer & Interviewer), Joe Bartram (Narration & Research), Maruam Amiri (Sound & Resarcher), Millie Cooke (Interviewer & Editor ) & Nooria Hammadi (Research & Editing).



Featured image – Creative commons. Dex Arts

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