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The battle for gay acceptance

Millions of people on the Internet find it much easier to come out through social networks more particularly youtube bloggers have stated they feel more comfortable talking to a camera than family or friends Nooria Hammadi writes

Mawaan Rizwaan a local Youtube blogger from Essex made headlines in October 2015 when he told everyone that he was gay on Youtube. He went on to tell his story in detail by raising the controversial subject in a documentary on BBC Three called ‘How gay is Pakistan” where he went back to his mother land to see how they will react to him being gay.

According to BBC Three this documentary consist of  “what life is really like for gay people in Pakistan, where homosexuality is illegal and considered by some as a disease.” Mawaan meets with transgender and gay people in Pakistan through his journey. “During his time in the country he’s also offered a miracle hebal cure for his own homosexuality.”
Mawaan Rizwaan has said on his youtube channel: ”My name is Mawaan, I was born in Pakistan and I grew up in Essex and earlier this year I told my parents that I am Gay and they weren’t to happy about it, I mean I don’t know why they were shocked. I spent the last 5 years minting around youtube, all the signs were there but to a Pakistani parent it was the worst news ever. I want to know what is in our culture for them to be like that and why they don’t agree with being gay”

Mawaan is not the only proud homosexual that has ever come out gay through youtube, there are multitudes of youtube bloggers that talk about homosexuality openly and have come out through social network. They have a big fan base and homosexuality itself has revolutionised.

Social media is a window in the closet, which allows homosexuality to be spoken off without individuals being judged face to face or physically beaten.

Mental Health support worker Mathew Goff says:

”We live in a world where everything is done on the internet, people hardly go out with their friends because they can just connect with them through internet, and the way we communicate is changing now days we make contacts through social network, whether it is from blogging or social network like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,”

”To catch the public’s attention and cause a frenzy is by being alienated in society and embracing who they are which youtube bloggers do very well to get the publics attention and gain fans. 20 years ago homosexuality was not even spoken of in public, now thanks to social media it is more accepted, more than ever actually.”

You can find more information on LGBT website.



Featured image – creative commons Sasha Kargaltive.


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